Community Partnership

We are proud to work with other agencies and organizations to support children and strengthen families.

Please let us know if you have a program or event that could benefit the children and families we work with.

Current Partnership include:

• The “Longest Day of Play” is a 1 day event held on the 3rd Saturday in June at Lake Shore Park. Several agencies and organizations come together to plan a day of fun for families to enjoy.

• The “Summer Foods” Program is a 9 week extension of the school lunch program that feeds the children in school districts with 51% of children who receive free or reduced lunches. During the summer program several groups work with us to add enrichment activities for the children while they receive a nutritious meal.

• The “Partnership for a Revolution” holds a one day event held in August at the County Fairgrounds. This event is organized by many agencies and organizations to help needy families get their children prepared to go back to school. Children receive free haircuts, school supplies, shoes, health screening, and hygiene kits while parents received information for services.

• “Adopt” a Child for Christmas helps us provide Christmas gifts for our children living in foster care during the holidays. The holidays can be a difficult time for our children, but with the help of community members, businesses, churches and other organizations, we are able to provide gifts to children who cannot be with their families at Christmas.

• Council of Dynamic Rural Ministries (CDRM) is a group of local United Methodist Churches who have chosen our kids as their mission. They help us provide various items and services for our school-age and emancipated youth who have aged-out of foster care that we do not otherwise receive funding for.

• Princess Ball is an event sponsored by multiple agencies to raise funds for the Longest Day of Play. At this event, little girls get to meet and interact with their favorite princesses.

• Friends of Children Services is a fundraising and informational entity that provides overall support for the agency. The “friends” are current employees, care givers, community members, etc…who participate in events like the annual  Golf Scramble which raises money for the Children’s Trust fund or the Levy committee that supports our levy efforts. You can like them on Facebook at