Community Education

Parenting Classes

Parenting Class Schedule – Winter 2104

Our parenting classes use the Active Parenting curriculum to provide parents with some insight and fresh ideas for parenting their children. It’s tough to be a parent…let us help! Call to sign up for a FREE class today.

Active Parenting 1234 Parents! – This curriculum is geared towards toddlers and pre-schoolers so we partner with WIC to add information about parenting infants. Helps parents understand the importance of bonding with their infants as well as effective ways to parent toddlers and pre-schoolers. Also, learning to develop parenting skills and training to provide positive, effective discipline and raise confident healthy children.

Active Parenting Now Families – Helps parents to improve communication, reduce conflict, develop cooperation and learn ways to positively discipline their school-age children.

Active Parenting of Teenagers – Helps parents develop skills provide positive, effective discipline to raise healthy confident children. The issues of bullying, texting and peer pressure are also discussed to help parents better understand what teens today are dealing with.

Other Educational Classes

Adult Anger & Violence Management – Helps participants understand and manage emotions, develop strategies to diffuse aggression and resolve conflict.

Child Abuse and Neglect Training (6 hr. and 3 hr. Refresher) – Recommended for anyone who works with children or who is a mandated reporter. Participants receive an overview of child abuse and neglect, how to make a referral, and the responsibility of mandated reporters as well as a general overview of Children Services’ mission and goals, the investigation process, programs and services offered. *Meets the requirements for daycare providers

Ongoing Training for Foster Parents – We offer a variety of classes for our foster parents and kinship caregivers.
Ongoing Foster Training Schedule – Winter 2014

Pre-Service Training for Prospective Foster Parents – This series of classes is required to become a licensed foster parent. We hold new foster parent training in the Spring and Fall. Call today to find out more about theses classes and when you can sign up.